SLC Policy Forum Help

Welcome to the SLCAL Forum Help page.

Account Registration

  1. Please read the Registration Agreement before proceeding. Click the button at the bottom when finished to register your account.
  2. Username: Type in your Real Name - exactly as used when you registered with the LPC. Do not enter a nick-name or email address. Doing so may cause your registration to be removed without notice.
  3. Email: Enter the email address you want notices from this website to be sent to.
  4. Allow users to email me: Enable the check-boxs if you wish to receive email messages from other Forum members.
  5. Choose password: Enter in the password you will use to log in on this website. Passwords are case-sensitive. Be sure to record it elsewhere for safe-keeping in case you forget it later.
  6. Verify password: Re-enter your password exactly as entered the first time. If it is complicated, copy and paste it in from wherever you put it for safe-keeping.
  7. Additional Information - Province: Please choose the province in which you live - Forum administrators need this to assign you to a provincial Member Group when required.
  8. Verification: Enter in the correct answer to the question at the bottom - this is mandatory to continue and verifies that you are a human being, not a spam robot.
  9. Click the Register button when finished. Your account will be activated automatically.
  10. From now on, just enter your Username and Password into the Login panel to access the Policy Forums.

Forgot your Password?


If you are having difficulty logging in to this website, entry is blocked only only when you enter in your Username or Password incorrectly in the Log In panel. If you did not record your Password for safe-keeping - exactly as used when your first registered your account - and cannot remember what it was, you can request a new password.

  1. Request a new password using this form or use the link (to the same form) provided in the bottom of the Log In panel on the home page.
  2. Enter in the Username OR the email address you entered when you registered for your account. What you enter must be accurate - exactly as entered when you registered. Click the Continue button.
  3. After clicking Continue, an email is sent to the email address you entered when your registered your account. The email message contains a link that has a unique activation code at the end of it. The activation code is specific to the request you submitted.
  4. You need to wait until you receive the email message. It may take up to five minutes or more before you receive the email with the link in it. Do not request a new password more than once. Doing so will cancel out the unique activation code you already requested; using it instead of the one associated with another request will not work and you will get error messages.
  5. Provided you have been patient and have used the link in the email after you use it, submitting your new password will work and you will see a message noting that your password was successfully re-set.
  6. When you enter your new password, be sure to write it down for safe-keeping so that you have it available the next time your forget your password.

If you were not able to re-set your password successfully, please send an email to the Webmaster for further assitance.